Production technology

To choose the right tray, you need to pay attention to some nuances, namely:
  • The size.
  • Depth. By choosing this option, you can rely on your own taste;
  • The form. Triangular and semi-circular shaped trays fit for small bathrooms
The bottom of the shower tray should be ribbed surface. This is necessary for security while bathing. Smooth shower trays are slippery, and drawing on the bottom of the shower tray will not only make it safe, but also decorate. Choosing of a pattern for the shower tray can be in preferences of customers.

Manufacture of shower trays

Manufacture of shower trays is enough time-consuming process, so the cost may seem high. However, it should be remembered that the price is formed based on the cost of the material, as well as work. In our company you will be able to choose the best option for yourself.